Edward A. Zraick, Esq. opened his law office in 1939 at 303 Fifth Avenue in New York City. A graduate of Harvard College and Harvard Law School, when the United States entered into World War II, he joined the U.S. Air Force, attaining the rank of major and taking part in the air war over Romania, Africa and Italy.

After serving his country, Ed Zraick returned to his law practice specializing in Corporate and Commercial law representing the friends, families and business owners from his childhood neighborhood of Bay Ridge, Brooklyn.

In 1957, Ed Zraick’s nephew, Edmund A. Nahas, joined the firm and in the 1960’s created the law partnership of Zraick & Nahas. The firm began to represent a growing client base in New York, the Tri-state area and internationally. The practice expanded beyond Corporate and Commercial representation into Real Estate, Estates and Estate Planning, Litigation and Banking law.

Robert Paul Rich, son-in-law of Ed Zraick, joined the firm in 1982. Five years later the law firm Zraick, Nahas & Rich was formed. In 1993, Stuart E. Nahas, Edmund Nahas’ son, joined the firm.